Words and phrases whose definition contains color:   (718 results)

., ablaze, achromasia, achromatic, achromatic color, achromatic colour, achromatise, achromatism, achromatize, achromatous, achromic, achromous, acid-base indicator, adornment, african scented mahogany, alizarine red, amber, american chameleon, amethyst, amethystine python, andradite, anole, anolis carolinensis, apgar score, aquamarine, aquatint, arctotis stoechadifolia, arctotis venusta, argent, ash-blonde, aureate, avidly, azure, bachelor's button, band, banded, banding, barbaric, bay, beam, bedding geranium, beefsteak fungus, beefsteak morel, bee orchid, beige, bepaint, bishop, black, black-haired, blacken, blackening, blackness, blackwash, black fox, black gum, black squirrel, blaze, bleach, bleached, bleach out, blood-red, bloom, blotch, blue, blue-black, blue-blind, blue-eyed african daisy, blueish, blueness, blue baby, bluish, blush, boletus pallidus, bone, bottle-green, brain mushroom, brazen, brick red, bright, bright blue, brilliant, bronze, bronzed, bronzy, brown, brown-haired, browned, brownish, brownish-orange, brownish-yellow, brownstone, buckskin, buff, burnt umber, canary, canary-yellow, cantharellus cibarius, caramel, caramelized sugar, caramel brown, cardinal, carmine, carnation, carotenemia, cassia javonica, cedar mahogany, cerise, cerulean, chalky, chamaeleon, chameleon, changeable, chantarelle, chanterelle, char, charcoal, charcoal gray, charcoal grey, charred, chartreuse, chatoyant, checked, checkered, chequered, cherry, cherry-red, cherry red, chestnut, chiaroscuro, chinese-red, chlorophyceae, chlorophyllum molybdites, chlorophyte, chlorosis, chocolate, chromaesthesia, chromatic, chromatically, chromaticity, chromatic color, chromatic colour, chromesthesia, chrome green, chromolithography, chromophore, cinnabar, cinnamon bear, cinnamon stone, class chlorophyceae, clean, clear, clementine, coal-black, coffee, cold, cold gangrene, coloration, colorcast, colored, colored audition, colored hearing, colorfast, colorful, colorimeter, colorimetric analysis, colorimetry, coloring, coloring material, colorise, colorist, colorize, colorless, colorlessness, color constancy, color in, color of law, color property, color scheme, color sergeant, color television, color television system, color television tube, color tube, color tv, color tv tube, colour, colouration, coloured, colourful, colouring, colouring material, colourise, colourize, colourless, colourlessness, colour constancy, colour in, colour supplement, colour television, colour television system, colour television tube, colour tube, colour tv, colour tv tube, common white dogwood, complexion, composite, cone, cone cell, cool, coordinated, copper, coppery, copper color, copper colored, coral, cornus florida, corvus frugilegus, counterstain, creamy, cresson, cress green, crimson, crock, cudweed, dalton, dappled, dark, dark-blue, dark-brown, dark-green, dark-haired, dark-skinned, darkened, darkening, darkness, decolor, decolorise, decolorize, decolour, decolourise, decolourize, deep brown, deuteranopic, diagonal, dichromacy, dichromasy, dichromatism, dichromatopsia, dichromia, dingy, dirty, discolor, discoloration, discolored, discolorise, discolorize, discolour, discolouration, discoloured, discolourise, dithered color, dithered colour, dithering, domenikos theotocopoulos, drab, dry gangrene, dull, dulled, dun, dusky, dye, dyed, dyeing, earthlike, eastern flowering dogwood, eastman, el greco, emerald, empurple, empurpled, entandrophragma cylindricum, equal opportunity, essonite, everlasting, everlasting flower, eyespot, faded, falco rusticolus, fawn, field-sequential color television, field-sequential color television system, field-sequential color tv, field-sequential color tv system, fish geranium, fistulina hepatica, flaming, flash, flaxen, flush, food color, food coloring, food colour, food colouring, fool's gold, fothergilla, frostiness, fuscous, gabriel lippmann, gamboge, garishness, gaudiness, gel, gelatin, genus gymnopilus, genus hazardia, george eastman, gerfalcon, gilded, gilt, ginger, gingery, globe amaranth, glow, glow lamp, glow tube, gogh, gold, golden, gomphrena globosa, gradation, gray, grayed, grayish, grayish brown, grayness, greco, green, green-blind, greenish, greenly, greenness, greensickness, green algae, grey, greyish, greyish brown, greyness, gymnopilus, gyrfalcon, gyromitra esculenta, haemoglobin, handcolour, harlequin opal, hazardia, hazel, hb, heather, heather mixture, helvella crispa, hemoglobin, heritable, hessonite, heterozygous, himantopus novae-zelandiae, hoariness, homozygous, honey, hot, hue, hygrophorus caeruleus, hypopigmentation, imbue, indicator, indigo, inheritable, ink-black, inky, inky-black, intense, ipomoea nil, iridescent, iron-gray, iron-grey, iron pyrite, ivory, jade, jade-green, jade green, jafnea semitosta, jag, japanese morning glory, jasper, jet, jet-black, john dalton, joseph mallord william turner, kaki, kendal, kendal green, key, khaki, laced, lavender, led, lemon, lemon drop, lemon yellow, leotia lubrica, light, light-blue, light-colored, light-emitting diode, light-green, lightening, lightness, lilac, lily-white, limbus, lippmann, lipstick, lip rouge, lividity, lividness, luridness, madder, maize, marbled, marbleised, marbleized, mark rothko, mauve, melanin, milk-white, milklike, milky, minimalism, minimal art, miter mushroom, monochromacy, monochromasy, monochromat, monochromatic, monochromatic vision, monochromatism, monochrome, monochromia, monochromic, monochromous, mosstone, moss green, motley, mottle, mottled, mouse-colored, mouselike, mousy, muddied, muddy, mumification necrosis, mummification, nail enamel, nail polish, nail varnish, nankeen, nice, nonsolid color, nonsolid colour, nutbrown, nyssa sylvatica, ocellus, ocher, ochre, off-color, off-white, old rose, olivaceous, olive, olive-brown, olive-drab, olive-drab uniform, olive drab, olive green, opal, ophrys apifera, optical pyrometer, orange, orange red, orangish, ostwald's theory of indicators, oxford gray, oxford grey, oxidation-reduction indicator, paint, pale, palely, paleness, pallid, pallidness, pallor, palomino, panther, parti-color, pastel, pastelike, pasty, patched, pea-green, pearl, pearly, pearly-white, pelargonium hortorum, pepperidge, pigment, pile, pitchy, plain, platinum-blonde, poliosis, polychrome, polychromise, polychromize, powdery, powder blue, precious coral, protanopic, prussian blue, puce, pure, purple, purpleness, purplish, purpurate, pyrite, pyroscope, quotidian, radiate, rainbow shower, raw sienna, red, red-blind, reddish, reddish blue, reddish orange, redly, redness, reductivism, red coral, red herring, red meat, red wine, retinal cone, rook, rosaceous, rose, rose-red, roseate, rosewood, rosewood tree, rosiness, rothko, rouge et noir, rubicund, rubric, ruby, ruby-red, ruddle, ruddy, rust, rusty, saddle oxford, saddle shoe, saddle stitch, sage, sage-green, sage green, sallowness, same, sandy, sanguine, sapele mahogany, sapphire, saturated, scarlet, scorch, scumble, sea-green, sea green, self-colored, self-coloured, shade, shine, shot, sienna, silhouette, silver, silverish, silvery, silver fox, sky-blue, slashed, slate-gray, slatey, slaty, smoked herring, snow-white, snowy, snow goose, sober, sodium nitrite, solid, somber, sombre, sooty, sorrel, sour gum, spar, spectral color, spectral colour, splash, splashed, spotted, stain, staining, steel blue, stone-gray, straw, streak, stria, striation, stripe, subterminal, suffuse, suffused, suit, suit of clothes, suntanned, swart, swarthy, tan, tangerine, tanned, tattoo, taupe, tawny, technicolor, theory of indicators, thomas young, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tinting, tintometer, tone, toner, touch, towheaded, tremella foliacea, trente-et-quarante, tricolor television tube, tricolor tube, tricolour television tube, tricolour tube, tritanopic, turkey red, turn, turner, tyrian purple, ultramarine, umber, unclouded, uncolored, uncoloured, undertone, uneven, uniocular dichromat, unpatterned, unperceivable, unsaturated, value, vandyke brown, van gogh, verdigris, vermilion, vermillion, vinaceous, vincent van gogh, violet, vireo, viridity, vitelline, vivid, voicing, wan, wanness, warm, washed-out, washy, wash out, watercress, white, whitened, whiteness, whitening, whitish, witch alder, wog, xanthemia, xanthous, yellow, yellow-brown, yellowed, yellowish, yellowish brown, yellowness, young, zonal pelargonium

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